Insane deals while were merging stores!

January 31, 2020

By admin


Caution we’re changing stuff up!

There is a little dust

and a lot of items moving around!

And we appreciate everyone’s patience while we get USA Jewelry & Pawn fully moved into Florida Cash Inc.

If there are any questions at all about USA Jewelry & Pawn or Florida Cash Inc. feel free to call us at 904-823-8704.

We have ALL of the same great employees- NOW at one single location: 181 King st. St. Augustine FL.32084.

Under the same management: Edward Pomar

Come check us out!

wether your looking to buy, or need a fast cash loan we can help! We have a large inventory of floor items from TV’s- stereos. Bikes, skateboards & scooters. Tools, musical instruments, computers, cameras, and even small household appliances such as mini-fridges- wine coolers- and I’m not talking about the drink itself ?  and much more!



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