What Are The Most Commonly Pawned Items?

October 13, 2021

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Pawning items is an easy and practical way to get some cash when you need it urgently. While pawn shops will generally accept anything and give its cash value to the owner, not all things are created equally. Have a look at four items below that are commonly pawned.

Gold and Jewelry

These items easily take the lead owing to their material nature and potential price values. Jewelry can be for both men and women, and can be anything from rings, bracelets, and necklaces to watches, earrings, and more. Vintage items can fetch a good amount, as can new items in trend because these are in high demand at any given time. Precious metals and gems in jewelry add to its value and so you will be able to get more money for pieces with the same.


Old electronic devices that are in good working order are another hot item to pawn. Whether it’s a game console or a home theater system, take it to your local pawn shop for a good amount of money. If they are complete and have all their associated cables, controllers, and other accessories, they will fetch an even better price.

Sports Equipment

Sporting goods including autographed items and collector’s items can fetch good money at pawn shops. The fact that many people around the world enjoy sports means that there is likely someone out there who can take the sports equipment you don’t use anymore and put it to good use.

Music Equipment

Musical equipment is the fourth most commonly pawned item. Things like guitars and drum sets, trumpets and violins, and even old pianos will earn you a tidy sum from pawn shops in your area. If they are in working condition, you will be able to make a better sale even faster.

Almost anything can be taken to your local pawn shop for some cash, and some other items include guns, old coins, power tools, and even heavy machinery. Collectible items and antiques have a 9.4% share of requests placed, coming just ahead of equipment and tools at 8%, and handbags and designer wear at 8% as well. This information should guide you in knowing the best items to pawn if the need ever arises, so you know what can fetch you the best price.



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