What Are The Most Frequently Pawned Collectibles?

February 15, 2022

By admin


Pawn shops are doing well as so many people were forced to sell items of value to help them get through the COVID-19 pandemic. That means there are also many more collectibles in pawn shops. What do you think are the most commonly pawned collectibles?


Like jewelry, coins are good sellers. Collecting coins has been a huge deal for centuries, and there are a lot of coins that might be worth a fortune. Most of the coins you will find are domestic and not worth much, you may come upon the odd coin that may fetch a massive price. Those are the ones that are worth searching for through all the other stuff. Antiques and collectibles make up 9.4% of search requests, followed by tools and equipment, and designer apparel and handbags, each with 8%.

Sports Memorabilia

Because they know that everyone enjoys sports, people love to pawn all kinds of sports equipment and memorabilia. Collector’s items, rarities, and autographed things attract the highest prices, so if you own one of these unique pieces, you’re in serious business. If you are a collector you are also in luck.

Musical Instruments

If you’ve ever visited a pawn store, you’ve probably noticed a few guitars or a drum set on a shelf. Many people pawn instruments when they have outgrown them or require immediate cash. They are a good investment, as they fly off the shelves quickly. People wishing to learn to play the guitar or drums can save a lot of money by stopping by a pawn shop, where they can find a cheaper method to learn a new skill.

Toys and Games

A trip to the pawn shop can also be used to sell outdated toys, games, or collectibles for your children. As children grow older and outgrow some of their toys, they can find a new family at the pawn store. Some things, like Beanie Babies and Cabbage Patch Kids, maybe rare or costly. Of course, the more flashy the toy, the better, and if you have a rare or signed item, you may have a treasure.

Pawn shops are treasure troves for those in the know. If you are looking for collectible coins, memorabilia, musical instruments, or toys then you might just find what you are looking for in a toy store. Happy treasure hunting.



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