What Items Can Get You Quick Cash at a Pawn Shop?

June 14, 2022

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Pawning might be a fantastic strategy to acquire some quick cash if you need it. Even if you’re cleaning out a closet full of old goods, pawning may net you a fair sum of money if you know what to pawn. However, you’ll want to avoid being burnt on value or pawning the wrong item.

Here are a few great options to take to your local pawn shop.


Pay special attention to things that include gold, diamonds, or platinum. Pawn shops deal with a lot of jewelry, and they usually have someone on staff who knows a lot about gold and valuable stones. They’ll be familiar with terms such as cut, carat weight, and melt value. If you’re not acquainted with current jewelry costs, it’s a good idea to take the items to a jewelry store that specializes in pre-owned and estate jewelry for a quote so you can compare rates and obtain the best deal.


Electronics are regularly pawned by Americans. It is estimated that 30.1% of Americans pawn their electronic equipment when they need money. Electronics such as high-end TVs, smart devices, laptops, DVD players, and speakers can fetch a decent amount at a pawn shop. You can bundle more than one of these devices to negotiate a higher amount.

Designer Bags

Some designer bags are worth tens of thousands of dollars; if you own one, you may pawn it for cash. Even if their popularity diminishes, designer bags retain their worth and remain fashionable. Just ensure you can demonstrate the bag’s authenticity, perhaps with a receipt, as there are a lot of fake products in this particular market.


Collectibles can be complicated, with some fetching far higher prices than others. Some collectors’ antiques are worth far more than $500, so do your research before going to a pawn shop. It’s important to keep in mind that certain collections aren’t worth much; a collection of old band T-shirts or regal memorabilia, for example, is unlikely to fetch much.

Do you need to head to a pawn shop to make quick cash? Consider bringing us any of the above items. We’ll consider the worth of your goods and offer you the best deals in town. Contact us today if you have any questions!



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